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This is the web front-end for LNX, a bot for the MMORPG Eternal Lands. He is guildbot, performing guild management functions for the guild LNX.

This website currently provides information about him, and includes an interface for guild members to perform certain functions outside the game.

He is currently: LNX's online status (currently offline pending function review)
If he is not in EL, or you think there is a problem, please contact Torg.


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LNX was developed from LawAndOrder, a guildbot I developed for the guild L&O.

I based LawAndOrder's code on the "base" of the code of my first bot Trinity (see Cbot). Trinity was based on CrusadingKnight's Storebot.

I was approached by the guild-master of L&O (a friend of mine) about a bot and agreed to develop Law as I had wanted to work on a guild bot.

Some of the functions Law provided were removing and reaccepting members of the guild so they were able to train against each other. Part of Law's job when removing members for training was to forward any #gm (guild messages) to the absent members, and back from them to the #gm channel.

Law also managed accepting new members into the guild (through admin commands) and managing existing members rank and other details. He also provided a (hopefully) cheerful greeting when guild members logged on, as well as informing the guild when a new hour started.
Another function of Law was to manage their guild ally/enemy list. This included colouring the tags of guilds when their status was updated, and notifying members both in the guild channel and via their forums.

This was all managed through a MySQL database. Law would update the database, and someone viewing the forums saw an on-the-fly image created by PHP listing the current status of the guilds.

Upon returning from overseas, I discovered some of the bots from LNX had been retired and there was need for another guildbot to manage some of the basic day-to-day functions of the guild, similar to those performed by Law. Law's code was quickly adjusted to fit LNX's needs.

Since my most recent trip overseas there have been other bots developed by members of LNX that cover the duties performed by LNX and so at this stage he is in temporary retirement pending new ideas for functions for him to perform.


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